Welcome to the Wardour Garrison Living History Society. We are a group of enthusiastic re-enactors who enjoy leaving our more conventional, 21 st Century lives behind to re-create life as it might have been in England during the Seventeenth Century.

We set up our encampments in Castles or Period houses across the country, with the aim of giving our visitors a flavour of both the domestic and military life, through sight, touch, sound and smell.

Our events are an interactive experience for our visitors, we are not a museum piece or a history text book.

Visitors to our world will find us engaged in the crafts and skills of the period along with the activities of daily life within the camp. There are also a series of lively demonstrations and skirmishes throughout the day.

The Wardour Garrison was founded in 1989 at Old Wardour Castle by a group of re enactors who wanted to engage more closely with the public in an authentic environment, allowing the experience for our visitors to be more personal and more memorable. It has grown to be a group of around 60 – 90 members. Men, women and children who want to impart their knowledge, experience and passion to all who venture into our time warp. You may even recognise some of our faces from televised history programs.

We hope that every member of the family will enjoy their visit to us and take away a new memory to treasure – and maybe even learn a thing or two about our countries history.